1000 Lies, 2DS Germany, 2 Minute Noodles, 2nd to Marvin, 43 Cambridge,44th Sunset, 4MJ, A 2 Z, Aaagh Bats, A. B. C, A. B. C Concert Music, Accapella Praise, Adam Fleet, Adam McCarthy, Adora, Adventures, The, A. F. L, Afterglo, Aiden Varro , Air Ensemble, Al Condo, Alec Tucker, Aleks Mcgovern, Ali Penney And The Money Makers, Alistair Dudfield, Al Kash, Allen Barker, All Saints College, Alton Tebbutt, Alva Romeo, Amanda Oliver, Ambrose Cumins, Amir, A Month Of Sundays, Amy Fuller, Andrea Barnard, Andrea Tai, Andre Golik, Andrew Reid, Animal Wild, Annette, Another Morning, Annoying Beth, Ansch & The Chaps, Anshumali & The Club Red Band, Anthony Canna, Anugra, Anzac Rockers,The, Arc, Arcadia,Arkayan, Armada,The, Art Vandellay, Artificial Hip, Artopia, Asia Evangelistic Fellowship Int., Aswon, Atomic Marshmellow, Atom Pop, Auto Cat, Award, Aztec Suns, Baby Doll, Bacen Assagai, Bahagia, Bakers Square, Balanced Body Care, Ballpoint, Barbakan, Barking Gecko Theatre Company, Bark Records, Barnard Starr, Barron Films, Beach, Bears, Beautiful losers, Beaverloop, Bed Of Roses, Beekeepers,The, Beetemup Jezuz, Beggars Second, Beggers Opera, Belfast, Ben Bowden, Ben Chase, Ben Diggz, Ben Rogers, Berbermerkin, Bernard Koong, Bernie Neve, Bianca, Bike, Biker fog, Big City, Big Crisis Productions, Big Palm, Bilingaroos, Billy Briar Band, Bingurr, Birdwood Circus, Black Allen, Blackboard Minds, Black Market Band, The, Black Pearl, Black Salad, Black Swan Theatre, Black Velvet, Blanche Dubois, Bleeding Hearts, Block,The, Blood Line, Bluegrass Parkway, Blues Bananas, Blues Harp Project, Blue Tongue Records, Bob's Love Child, Bolsta, Bones of Contention, Bones of Contention,The, Bonnie Nelson, Book Of Funk, B.O.P, Boredumb, Boyd Carl & Steve, Boyd Wilson, Brad Hawkins & Darren Ward, Brad Stirling, Brad Wintle, Brassilia, Brautigans, Breathe, Brendan Fitzgerald, Brent Meyer, Brett Keyser, Brett Townsend, Brett Townsend Experience, The, Brett Wilson, Bright Eyed Drops, Bright Sparks,Brink,The, Brouges,The, Bruce Gilbert, Bruce Pontin, Bughunt, Bulletchild, Bushfire, Cabaleros, Caho - Jo, Caitlan Park, Cancer Foundation of W.A, Canna Band, Cape Collective, Carbon 14, Caretakers, The, Carina, Carl Graser, Carmelo, Carol Peachey, Car Thieves, The, CBC Big Band, CBS Records Australia Ltd., Cera Kyrmani, Cerements, Chain, Chandra, Change Of Face, Channel 10, Chapter V, Charlie's Knife, Charlottes Web, Chelsea Crook, Chemical Jane, Cherrytones, Chevelles,The, Child Like Primitives, Chilli Concussion, Chris Broadhurst, Chris Dickie, Chris Eppen, Chris Foster, Chris Norman, Chunky Custard, Ciano, Cimarron, Cinema Prague, Circus Militia, Circus Murders, Citiwatch, Citizen Smith, City Of Gosnells, Claire,Claim the Throne Clare Nina Norelli, Clayton Porter, Clinton Proof, Clive & Ned Kelly Band, Clive Murray, Closet Panic Sniveller, Club Red, Clyde Allen, Cobra, Coca-Cola Bottlers, Colin Brown, Common Touch, Company,The, Conor Layden, Contemporary Dance Centre, The, Control, Coolgardies,The, Cooper & The Catz, Corner, Cortez, Coup de Gras, Cowboy John (the legend!), Crab Tango, Craig Hardy, Cranky Muthas, Cravings,The, Crazy Jane & The Bishops, Crazy Notions, C.R.C, Cremator, Criminal Force, Criss & Ian, Critics, The, Crocodile Tears, Crusaders, The, Cutlery, The, Cypher, Daisy Clover, Damian Sargant, Dane Jolly, Daniel Castledine, Danny Farrow, Darren Johnson, Darren Wright, Dave Court, Dave Metcalf, Dave Simmons, Dave Youngs & Elliott Morris, David Cooper, David Laurence, David Mac Gill & Mary, David Main, David Moore, Dead Ends, The, Dean Cavaner, Deloraines, The, Department for the Arts, Dependence Day, Derailleur, Derrick, Descend Here, Device, Devils On Horseback, Di & Clyde, Didier Productions, Diehards,The, Different Rhythms?, Diger Rokwell, Dilip and The Davs, Dirt Bag, Dirty Whitler, Disgraceland, Ditch Witch, Divin Ducks, Dixie Betts, Dixie Outlaws,The, Dizzyspin, Dom Mariani, Dons Party, Don Barnes, Donna Keegan, Don Neander, Don't Fret, Doseys, Double Or Nothing, Dosey, Double Vision, Down & Under, Downside, Dread Affair, Dr Twang, Drum, Drum Direct II, DTSQ, Duane Smith, Duncan Whitcombe, Echelon, Echo Sounder, Edsels, Electric Ass Band,The, Electric Bred, Electromen, The, Elysium, Embryo Records, Enemy Minds, EMI, Emma & The Good Rockin Daddys, Emma Franz & The Coolgardies, Emmett Sullivan,Empire Blues, Empire Records, Endeavour Primary School, Endless Skies, Eskimo Joe, Essence, Ethnic Music Centre, Even Flow, Existence, Externals,The, Eye Heart, Faces Make Fools, Fallen Away, Faradays, The, Felicity Groom, Fergusons,The, Fetish, Fiddler, Fieldworks, Figure Head, Final Balance, Fire & Ice, Fit Swimmers,The, Five Guys Named Mo, Flaming ShishkebabsThe, Flashing Tablet, Flatinum, Fletch, Floors,The, Flighthouse, Fluid Time Carnival, Flux Capacitor, Foc's'le Firkins, Fondula, Footprint Fairytales, Four Piece Feed, Fox Tin Kings Franger, Frabin,  Frank Genovesi, French and Mc Carthy, French Rockets, Fret Zero, Freuds, The, F.T.I, Full House, Funky Chicken, Fur Version, Fuzz,The, Gangster Promotions, Gary Burke, Gary Ferridge, Gata Negra, Gator Love, Gayan, Gay Raffaele, Geisha, General,The, Genus, Geoff Parentich, Geoffrey Fletcher, George Brownrigg, Gerrard Burnie, Ghost Town, Gina Williams, Glass Garden,The, Glass Heart, Glen Robinson, Glen Tonnessen, Glummens,The,  Good night Moon, Gordon Hitchins, Gorica, Gossling, Gothics,The, Graeme Dickinson, Graham Thompson, Grant Luhrs, Grant Touchell, Gravity Punch, Green Medicine,The, Greg Dear, Greg Dear & the Beautiful Losers, Greg Green, Greg Hastings, Groove Cradle, Gum, Gun Runner, Gunns, Gus Mckay, Guttersville Splendour Six,The, Hail Jupiter, Hallucinations, Halogen, Halucine,  Hamerr, Hang On St Christopher, Hank Deberitz Combo, Hardcore Blues Band, Hard Marshmellows, Harry Patterson, Hayman Theatre, Header, Heads We're Dancing, Head Worx, Heathens,The, Hedonists, The, He Go Zi Go, Heist, Helen Parker, Henry, Her Name Is Jim, High Energy Aerobics, High Learys,The, Hip Cat, H.M.V, Hoii Polloii, Holding Giants, Home Brewe, Homer, Honey, Honeys,The, Hootenannys, Hoss, Hostage, House Of Wax Records, Howie Morgan and The MGP, Hum, Human Appliance, Humbug, Hunkpapas,The, Hyte, Ian cambell, Ian Bunn, Ian Fraser, Ian Linskill, Ian Vincent, Ideology, Ideology, I Hear An Army, Illegal, Illegal, Indigo Kidz, Initiation Records, Innocent Bystanders, Inquisition, Inseminators, The, Institute Polaire, Interim, IOASA Management, Iron Youth, Island, Isobel, Jacky Cordwell, Jacob, Jacobites,The, Jagged Comapny, Jagged Edge, Jake & Gaz, James Street Gang, Jamesley Baby, Jamie & Dave, Jamie Gahoma, Jamie Manifisi, Jam Tarts,The, Jane Garland, Jason & Jason, Jay De-Oliveira, Jayn Mc Namara, Jazzmakers, The, Jebediah, Jeff Gibbings, Jeff Martin, Jeff Parentich, Jere Sosa, Jerry Anne's Plan, Jesus Sandals,The, Jet Sunset, Jim Jones & the Cyanide Spys, Jimmy Chi, Joanne Stamp, Jo Chao, Jodie Tes and the Popular Front, Joe Flight, Joe Pule,  Joe Reeves, Joe Ryan,  Joel Fogarty, John Arundel, John Bailey, John Barnard, John Cope, John Heath, John Howard, John Landweir, John Reid, John Roberts, John Welsh, Jon English, Jordan McRobbie, Jordi James, Josh Loseby, Josiah, Jjulio, J Julien Smith, Junkhead, Juno, Jupiter Zeus, Just Peachy, Justin James, Justin Wilson, Kachan, Kansas City Killers, Kaos, Kaper,The, Karamojn Bros., Karla Hall, Karl & Christina Dietrich, Karratha Tourist Bureau, Katie J White, Kavalier Knights, Ken Dickson, Kenny Bartley, Kenny Watt, Ken Pritchard, Kestrel, Kevin Cone & Axil, Kevin Fox, Kevin Johnson, Key Of She, Kickstart Cadillacs, Kid Colt, Kill Devil Hills,The, Kill Teen Angst, Killotines, Kim Salmon & The Surrealists, Kim Salmon ( solo ), Kim Williams, King George, King Krush, King of the Travellers, King Wasabi, Kingpin!, King Cornelius, Kissing Tree,The, Kitchen Records, Klippspringer, Knife Party, Kniki & Mike,  Koi Child, Konrad Chin, Kristina Olsen & Peter Grayling, Krush Groove, Kuckles, Kurt Gebaur, Lammas Tide,The, Last Year's Hero, Laughing Gate, Laura Bernay, Laurence Amarego, Laxettes,The, Layabouts,The, Leanne, Leatherface, Left Lane, Legendary Black Allan,The, Lena Deluxe, Lenny Kravitz, Leon & The Baptism of Fire, Leon Luke, Libby Carter, Life on Mars, Lime, Lincolns,The, Link Records, Lisa Edmundson, Listening Room, Lloyd Davies, Locals, The, Loonies,The, Loop Studios, Loose Connections, Loose Unit, Loren's Home Grown, Lorne Padman, Los Chasquis, Los Wayras, Lovebites, Lovebyrd, The, Love Dogs, LSD, Lucida, Lucy Was A Decoy, Lucky Numbers, Luis Carlos, Luke McPharlin, Lux Mammoth, Lyn Hazelhurst, Lyn Thomas, M-16s, The, Malachy, Manics,The, Manoli/ Emmanuel, Mardi Picasso, Marigolds, The, Mario, Mark Chapman, Market Banned, Mark Goodfellow, Mark One, Mark Snarski, Mark Snarski, Mark Walsh, Marlena, Martha's Vineyard, Martin Clarke & JJ, Mary-Anne Healy, Matt Angel, Matt Roesner, Matt Taylor, Matt Taylor's Chain, Matt Whitton, Maurice, Max Factor, MC Sipin, Melody's Echo Chamber, Melody Prochet, Mellow Drops, Memoria, Mewaz, Mez Whitle, Micheal Done, Micheal Westlake, Michelle Roberts, Midland Community Youth Centre, Miette, Mike Crough, Mike Devalta, Mike Eastman, Mike Hemmings & The Sams, Mike Nelson, Milkmen, The, Milk Punch,  Millenium, Mind Canary, Mink Mussel Creek, Mirko, Mirosonic, Miscreants, The, Mission Blue, The, Miss Lile, M. J Bryant, Mobius, Mochief, Modern Smoke Signals, Monicans,The, Monkey Music, Moon Dog & The Mellow Bros., Moonlighter, Monsoon, Morning People, The, Moroco, Mr Gentlemen, Mrs Henry, Mum's Tennis Friends, Munky Punch, Murdoch Uni, Muzzle,  Guild Of Students, Murphy's Law, Mushroom Records, Muskabella, Muzzle, Nailed Down, Nansing Quartet, The, Natalia & Don Gomez, Nathan Gaunt & The Black-Eyed Dogs, National Geographic, Navarone, Nearly Brothers, The, Neon Express, Neptunes, The, Never Never, The, Next Big Thing '98 Compilation CD, Nick Cambrea, Nick De Rossa, Nick The Noise, Nichola Milan, Nicola, Nicolas Flanagan, Nigel Gordon, Nina Norelli, North Cottesloe Primary School, No Shame, Nothing To Lose, Novak, Null & Void, Nzenza, Oasis Productions, Ochre, OK Tokyo, Oliver Tank, One Horse Town, One On One, Open Source Project, Organism, Orinoco, Orogeny, Oisin and Malachy, Outhouse Rockers, Outs,The, Page, Pale As Ashes, Panics, The, Paradime, Paradoxx, Parkah, Parkway Bluegrass, Partycones, Paul Brennan, Paul Goodman, Paul Hayworth, Paul Hogben, Paul Sealey, Paul Tetley, Peace Propoganda, Penelope, Peroxysm, Perry Dowd, Persuaders, The, Perth Boat Show, Perth Undergraduates Choral Society, Pestilence, Peta Lithgo, Pete Moxham, Peter Keelan, Peter Lithgo, Peter Pritchard, Peter Stafford, Peter Strain, Peter Toy, Peter Toy, Phil Bennett, Phil Frog & The Floozies, Philip Wolf, Phillip Wally Stack, Phil Nixon, Phil O'Brien, Phil Rowe, Photograph, P.I Consultants, Pilgrims, The, Pimps of Sounds, Pink Fluffy Bunnies, Pit, Planet Janet, Plants, Plants & Relatives, PMFM, Poker Face, Poly Medlen, Pond, Popular Front, The, PR music, Pre Amp, Preytells, The, Prickle, Prisoners of War, Puff 'N' Stuff, Purple Hearts, Pushrods, Quixote, Qynn Beardman, Rachel and Henry Climb a Hill, Rachel Taylor, Ragabillies, Rag 'n Bone,The, Rainbirds, The, Rainyard, The, Raja Centre, The, Ralph Kato, Raman & Michael, Random Numbers, Rapping Rude Ray, Rat City, Rawkus, Ray Brown & The Subdividers, Ray Flatinum, Raymond, Ray Stokes and the Subdividers, Rebelles Europeens, Recliner Rockers, The, R. E. D, Red Engine Caves, Red Eye Records, Red Room Promotions, Reductors,The, Regents,The, Resolute, Reverberation, Rev Nikola Cabraja, Revo, Rew, Rhinoted, Rhonda's Organ, Rice, Richard Lane & Friends, Richard Tassicker, Rick Steele, Ricky, Rita Menendez, Rob Agostini, Rob Baxter, Robbie Castaldi, Rob Jenkins, Robbie Mc Vey, Robbie Moore & The Liquid Knights, Rob Giles, Rob Mc Vey, Rob Mildwater, Rob Taylor & Sandra Carr, Robyn Lewis, Rockcods, The, Rockets, The, Rock-O-Rama, Rockwell Groom, Rollerskates, Roly Skender, Romola, Ron Abbott, Ronnie Nights, Root, Rosalie Bishop, Round, R.T.P.P Productions, RTRFM, Rubber Records, Rude Ray, Russell Atkins, Russell Bailey, Sage, Salem, Salmonberry Records, Sara Bea, Sam Barendse, Sandshooz, Saving Rushmore, SBS, Scaramouche, Scarlets, Scary, Scheme, Schvendes, Scope, Scotch Of St James,The, Scott Arnold - Eyers & Friends, Scott Vance, Screw Top Detonators, Seahorse Radio, Sean Diggins, Sean McVicor, Seb, Second Winter, Second Winter,The, Seeing Ear Records, Seraphyn, Seth Lowe, Shack, Sham, Sham,The, Shane Beckingham, Sharon Mc Donald, Sheila Joan Harvey, Shelley Primary School, Sheva, Shiny Joe Ryan, Shock Records, Shredda, Siam Bells, Sid-Chrome & Sockets, Signs Of Fire, Silent Empire,The, Silver Grenade, Simon Goodrich, Simon Kelly, Simon Lynes, Simon Styles, Sissy Bar, Six Mile High, Skender, Slice of Fate, Slick Monks, Slim Pickins The, Small Batch, Smokin Hats, S. O. F, Songbirds, Sonny Morgan, Sony Music Ent. Aust.Inc, Sorcerer, Soulin Wild, Souls Ajah, Soul Shaker,  Soundbaker Studio, Sourpuss, Southern Edge, South St., Southwicks,The, Spaceman Antics, Spacey Jane, Spank, Spectacle, Spedding Road Gibsons, Speed Farmers, Spiderkatt, Spining Jennies, Spooky, Squid, Stabb The Cat, Stand Against Sexual Assault, St. Anne, Star Cleaner, Steppes, Steph Larkin, Stereophile, Sterophile, Steve Armstrong , Steve Bergel, Steve Collins, Steve Deschamp, Steve Hogg, Steve Martin Choir, Steve Ogle, Steve Sprivoulasv, Steve Tallis & The Apache Dropouts, Stillfire,  Stingray, Stool Pidgeons, Storm Of Perversion, Storyteller Productions, Storytime, Streetsmartz, Strychnine Cowboys, Studenac, Subroutine, Subtruck, Sue Cochran, Sugardaddies, Sugar Puss, Suits,  Summer Sons, Sunbeams,The, Sunbird, Sundays Child, Suntones, The, Superscope, Super Insurgent Group Of Intemperence Talent, Super Unknown, Sure Fire Midnights,The, Surface Tension, Survival Music, SVA, Swampdob, Swamp Riders, Sweet Blue Midnights,The, Sweet Breeze Films, Swinging Sidewinders, Tailgators, Tamara Harmann, Tame Impala, Tam Thai, Tania Lee, Tantrixx, Tantrum, Tanya Davies, Tarantellas, Tarp On The Shed Floor, Tashi, T - Cells, T. D. V Project, Team,The, Ted Wilkes, Ten Cent Shooters,The, Ten Foot Wave, Ten Hands, Terra Firma, Terry Townsend, Texas Chainsaw, Thea Calzoni, Thee Gold Blooms, Them Things, Therapist, Thoughtforce, Thou Gideon, Thrive, Thrombus, Thrust, Thundering Heart, Tigers, The, Tilly Devine, Tim Andrews, Tim Chambers, Times Up, Tim Lambert, Timothy Nelson, Titanics,The,Tombstones, Tom and Charlie, Tom Fisher and the Layabouts, Tom Lubin, Tony Chila, Tony Mann, Tony Prose, Toxin, Tracey Barnett, Trees,The, Trevor Holden, Trevor Hutchinson, Tribal Astronaut, Trick, Triple J, T - Roll, True Desire, True Stories, Turnstyle, TVW 7 Perth, Twentieth Century Crucifiction, Twenty Four Feet, Two Dogs Chokka, Two Worlds, Ubana Jones Band, The, Ultimatum, Ultra Detectives, Uncle Ben's Of Australia, Underground,The, Under The Sun, Utterfunk Otter, U.W.A Guild Of Undergraduates, U.W.A Student Guild , Van Dieman's Band, Valdaway, Vaughan Alexander, Veeline Records, Velvet Amour, Verona, Veronica's Assassin, Version, Version II, Vibe Coaster, Vibrolators,The , Vickie Clunies Ross, Victor Archie, Vienna, Violent Monks, The ,Violet Scene, Vincent Pitcher, Virgil, Viron, Vjeran/ Victor, Volcanics, WAADA, Waltones, Wankers,The, Warren Westcott, Warrior, Wash, Waste Of Space, Waterfront Records, Waterslide, Wayne Green & The Phantoms, Weatles, The, Wendy House, Westec C.P.S, Whatever, Where's Mary, White Cross, White Noise, Whitlam Years,The, Who Brought The Cutlery, Whore, Wilberforce, Wildcats, Will's Gang, Will Jacobs, Will Stoker and the Embers, Will Taylor, Wishing Well, Word,The, World Eaters, Worths, Xtort, Xtortya, X - Wing, Young Robin, Yummy Fur, Zale Daniels, Zanic Art, Zarm,Zero Hour Records, Zeta Theory, Zombie Stomp


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Selection of Artists who have
recorded at Poons Head

Tame Impala
Miley Cyrus
Josh Homme
Jeff Martin
Lenny Kravitz
Death Cab For Cutie
Knife Party
Kim Salmon
Mick Harvey
The Panics
Eskimo Joe
CW Stoneking
Jesse Shatkin
Matt Taylor
Jon English
Melody's Echo Chamber
Koi Child

Selection of Producers who have
recorded at Poons Head

Josh Homme ( Queens of the Stone Age, Iggy Pop, Them Crooked Vultures, Arctic Monkeys, Kyuss)
Mick Harvey (PJ Harvey, The Cruel Sea, The Birthday Party, The Bad Seeds )
Jesse Shatkin (Sia,Kylie Minogue,Rihanna)
Chris Dickie (Augie March, The Pogues)
Christopher Walla (Death Cab For Cutie, Tegan and Sara)
Lenny Kravitz (Mick Jagger, Lenny Kravitz)
Jeff Martin (The Tea Party, The Armada)
Burke Reid (The Drones, The Mess Hall)
Kevin Parker (Tame Impala, Melody's Echo Chamber, Mick Jagger)
Rob Swire ( Pendulum, Knife Party)
Kim Salmon (Hoodoo Gurus, Surrealists)
Paul Hager ( Miley Cyrus, Devo)
Tom Lubin (The Grateful Dead, CBS USA) Sean Ryder (Gorillaz, Happy Mondays, Black Grape )
Martin Clarke (The Valentines, Johnny Young, Clairon Records)
Joel Silbersher (Hoss, The Vandas)

Some labels that have used
Poons Head Studios

EMI Australia
Sony Music
RCA Records
Pop Frenzy
Little Big Man
Universal Music
Mushroom Records
Waterfront Records
Red Eye
Murmur Records
Spunk Records
Spinning Top Records